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“Less than 2 weeks ago we decided to get air we had Lowry out for a quote and they were able to get us in right away. Excellent service and very easy to work with. My house now has Air Conditioning thanks to the team we had. Thank you!”

– Brittany K. (Facebook Review)

“Swift and reasonable. Experienced and helpful. Treat you right.”

– Rhonda C. (Facebook Review)

“My clients were told they had a crack in the heat exchange and that it was leaking carbon monoxide. They were ready to replace the furnace and selling them the job would have been very easy, but Lowry Heating and Cooling inspected and told them the furnace was running great with no cracks! Thank you for your honesty!”

– Katie S. (Facebook Review)

“I couldn’t ask for a better company. When my old furnace was making noise, they told me about it. Next thing you know I bought a new furnace and they saved me even more money.”

– Alan C. (Facebook Review)

“Best place around very honest and trustworthy only place i’ll tell people to go too they saw me and my family as people not just dollar signs. MY FAMILY AND I WILL LIFETIME CUSTOMERS thank you Lowry.”

– Justin W. (Google Review)

“I had an estimate on my furnace and one guy told me $500 to fix it.. So I called lowery res and they came out and it for 50 dollars!! It was great they also did my house water tank on a sat. For 91$ And it took him 3 hours he took his time to try to rebuild the pieces instead of just telling me I need a new one like everybody else did…they are fabulous!”

– Randi G. (Google Review)